Commencement 2017

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$35 each (includes sales tax & shipping)

Our professionally produced product provides you with the Ceremony filmed using four strategically placed cameras and Special Features that include video moments captured before and after the Ceremony.

Olympic High School

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A Digital Copy of your Commencement Video is available for purchase and download. There are 2 options when considering the Digital version.


1) DVD+Digital Copy: You can purchase the special DVD + Digital Copy version for $38.00. With this option, you get the physical DVD mailed to you, and you also get a special code to download a copy of the Digital version. (There are a limited number of these available) To order the DVD+Digital Copy version, click here: DVD+Digital Copy


2) Digital Copy ONLY: You can purchase ONLY a Digital Copy for $12.99. With this option, you get only a Digital copy of the video that can be downloaded to your computer. To order the Digital ONLY version, click here: Olympic High School Digital Copy


Either option requires you to set up a free account on in order to access your digital copy.

Order a DVD Grad Pack

For those students graduating from Olympic College and Olympic High School in 2017, you can order the DVD Grad Pack. This includes 1 DVD of your Olympic High School Commencement and 1 DVD of your Olympic College Commencement all packaged in 1 DVD case for a reduced price. Just go to our DVD Grad Pack page to order.

Order a Previous Year

Dynamic Video Creations has been filming the Olympic High School Commencement Ceremony since 1999.  Any year from 1999-2016 is available for purchase.  Just go to our Previous Year page to order.

Orders can be placed via the internet, mailed in, or taken the night of Commencement. DVD's are mailed out 4-6 weeks after graduation.  Please do not mail cash.  There is a $25 fee on all returned checks or insufficient funds.

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